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Support Staff

Chavez, Taressa ex.55927 Kinder Educational Assistant
Difani, Margaret ex.55924 Library Educational Assistant
Garcia, Theresa ex.55922 Technology Coordinator
Monnheimer, Jennifer ex.55906 Counselor
Nybeck, Kristine ex.55928 Occupational Therapist
Osuna, Trish ex.55958 Educational Assistant
Sandoval, Eva ex.55925 Education Assistant
Stewart, Maria ex.55956 Kinder Educational Assistant
Walton, Kathy ex.55937 Instructional Coach


Acoya, Amy ex.55901 3rd Grade
Castillo, Jennifer ex.55917 1st Grade
Crayton, Samantha ex.55918 1st Grade
DeMaagd, Melissa ex.55938 Fine Arts
Evridge, Billy ex.55901 Special Education
Geherty, Sheri ex.55905 3rd Grade
Gutierrez, Cynthia ex.55912 Special Education
Henry, Matt ex.55923 Physical Education
Jordan, Cynthia ex.55907 Head Special Education
Kircher, Jamie ex.55904 5th Grade
Leyva, Margaret ex.55910 Kindergarten
Martinez, Jessica ex.55915 4th Grade
Meyers, Sylvia ex.55914 3rd/4th Grade
Ortega, Randi ex.55919 2nd Grade
Ortiz, Anita ex.55911 4th Grade
Ortiz, Justina ex.55908 Kindergarten
Ortiz, Paul ex.55912 Special Education
Pollard, Jennifer ex.55909 Kindergarten
Rademacher, Karen ex.55902 5th Grade
Ruiz, Elena ex.55921 2nd Grade
Sauer, Kelly ex.55903 5th Grade
Sherred, DeAnna ex.55920 1st/2nd Grade
Vines Smith, Elizabeth ex.55916 3rd Grade


Martinez, Rita


Chavez, Rita
Quintero-Dow, Linda

Health Office

Barela, Mable
Health Assistant
Holguin, Christina
Sanchez, Cathy
Health Assistant


Ortega, Maria
Cafeteria Manager


Bustos, Felix
Night Custodian
Gomez, Santiago
Head Custodian
Martinez, Larry
Night Custodian