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Im here to talk

About me:

Ms Kim is available during school days (Monday-Friday) from 7:45am-2:00pm.  If reached after the school day leave a message and we will return your call. If  you are having a crisis after hours, contact a trusted adult, or one of the crisis lines listed below.  If there is an emergency, please dial 911.

School Counseling Vision:

All students at Griegos Elementary School are healthy, happy, successful and confident students. They contribute positively to their school, their home and their community now and in the future.

School Counseling Mission Statement:

In partnership with school and community stakeholders, the Griegos School Counselor provides intentional activities and interventions that educate, support and advocate for the equitable access to academic, college and career readiness and social/emotional success of all students. Students achieve proficiency in all subject areas by middle school. Becoming lifelong learners who are creative, compassionate and responsible citizens.

Contact Information

Ms. Kim (Kim Bloemker)
School Counselor  

(505)-345-3661 Ext: 55906

Crisis Hotlines:

NM Crisis Hotlines (PDF)


I follow the professional and ethical guidelines of the American School Counselor Association.

Information shared with me is held in confidence unless:

  • I suspect a child is being abused and/or neglected (i.e., physical or educational neglect).

  • A child is threatening to harm themselves or others.

  • The child gives me permission to share information with another trusted adult.

Student Services

  • Classroom Instruction: Classroom instruction occurs in every classroom throughout the year. The focus is on supporting the success of all students.

  • Small Group Counseling: Small groups run for 4-6 sessions, focusing on a variety of topics determined by school needs.

  • Responsive Services: Supporting students and families to meet their individual needs.

  • Brief, Solution Focused Counseling: Short term counseling, 3-4 sessions. Referrals for outside services available to meet long term needs.

  • Consultations: Working with family, staff and other stakeholders as needed to address student concerns and needs.

Family Services:

  • Discuss family concerns that effect your child.

  • Helping with strategies to improve family communication and dynamics.

  • Discuss social, emotional or academic concerns.

  • Partnering with you, your child, your child's teacher and other stakeholders to improve academic achievement.